Set up repricing for Amazon Business items
Set up repricing for Amazon Business items

Set up repricing for Amazon Business items

M2E Amazon Repricer allows for adjusting and optimizing product prices for business customers. With Amazon Business repricing, you can set different pricing strategies, offer competitive rates to attract more B2B buyers, secure more business deals, and increase your overall sales volume within the B2B segment.
Setting up Business repricing in M2E Amazon Repricer is as easy as configuring prices for B2C sales. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Enable B2B repricing.

Navigate to Settings > General and enable the “Reprice B2B items” option. Before you do that, make sure that you have an approved Amazon Business account connected to the app.
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If your B2B products are already added to the app, you can proceed to step 3 right away.

Step 2. Add your B2B products.

Navigate to the Amazon Items tab and add your B2B products to the app. Click Add in the top right corner of the grid, then select the marketplace and the products you’d like to reprice.
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Step 3. Set B2B prices.

Firstly, specify the Regular price for your items. You can either match it to the current price on Amazon or adjust it to your preference. Then, define the Maximum and Minimum prices.
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M2E Amazon Repricer will rely on the price range you’ve specified for automatic price adjustments.
Remember to exclude the shipping cost from your Regular, Max, and Min prices.
You can edit your B2B price settings at any time. For an individual item, open the product card in the Amazon Items tab and click Edit next to the Repricing B2B settings section. To edit settings in bulk, tick the boxes next to the items in the Amazon Items tab and apply the Change prices mass action.

Step 4. Configure B2B policies.

Tailor your B2B repricing strategy based on your sales objectives. Create a policy that focuses on either winning the Amazon Buy Box or outperforming the lowest-priced competitor. Alternatively, you can choose to compete with a specific Amazon seller.
To configure the policy, click +Create:
  1. Select your strategy and provide a descriptive title for the policy.
  1. Define the amount or percentage by which your price should be lower than your competitor's offer, or you can choose to match their price.
  1. Set preferences for how repricing will function in case there are no Buy Box winners or competitors and if the repricing goal cannot be achieved for some reason.
Once you have completed these steps, click the "Create" button.
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Now, the policy will appear in the list. You can select and assign it to your items, then click Complete.
See the example of configuring the Buy Box Winner policy in this guide.
You can edit your B2B policy settings or assign a different B2B policy at any time directly from the product card, via the Change B2B policy mass action, or in the Policies tab.

Step 5. Launch B2B repricing.

Now that your B2B items are configured, you can launch the repricing process. There are two ways to do it:
  • For an individual item: Click on the toggle next to the item in the Repricing column
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  • For multiple items: Tick the boxes next to the items and apply the Enable repricing mass action.
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That’s it! The app is now automatically repricing your B2B products.
Check out our guide to learn about all the capabilities of M2E Amazon Repricer.