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Amazon Repricer

M2E Amazon Repricer is created to optimize your Amazon prices automatically across B2C and B2B markets. It analyzes your competing products and raises or lowers prices to beat the sellers on Amazon.

The service allows you to set repricing limits, create custom policies, check repricing analytics, and maximize Amazon Buy Box share on various Amazon marketplaces.

Getting started

Once you've signed up, you'll need to link your Amazon account to the service.

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Add products

Next, let’s move to the Amazon Items grid and add some products to the service.

Click Add, select the marketplace, and then mark the products you’d like to reprice.

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Set prices

First, define the Regular price you want to sell your items. You can leave it as it is on Amazon or tweak it. Next, set limits for automated price adjusting — Max and Min prices.

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  • Regular price – the standard price (excluding shipping cost) you are willing to sell your items at.
  • Maximum (Max) price – the highest price (excluding shipping cost) you are willing to sell your items at.
  • Minimum (Min) price – the lowest price (excluding shipping cost) you are willing to sell your items at.

Create a policy

You can create a repricing policy in two ways:

  • Navigate to the Policies tab and click Add in the top right corner of the grid
  • Navigate to the Amazon Items tab, open the item card, and click Change in the Policy section (for individual item) or use the “Change Policy” mass action

Then click + Create in the policy creation popup:

  1. Choose the repricing strategy.
  1. Enter a title to help you identify the policy later.
  1. Specify the amount/percentage by which your price should be lower than your competitor’s offer or set them equal.
  1. Set preferences for how repricing will work if there are no Buy Box Winners/Competitors and if the Goal can’t be achieved for some reason.

Once done, click Create.

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Now you can see the policy in the list, select it to assign to your products, and click Save.

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That’s it. The service is now automatically repricing your products.

Let’s say we sell a product at $10. And we want to offer it for at least $7 but not more than $12. Here are the price settings:

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Our goal is to get the offer to the most prominent place in the marketplace at the lowest possible price, so we’ll create the Buy Box Winner policy for it.

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Now let’s set M2E Amazon Repricer to keep the price lower by $1 than other offers.

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This way, if our competing product costs $9, the service will automatically lower the price of our offer to $8. However, if the competing product is priced at $7.99, the service won’t adjust the price to $6.99 as the Min price for it is set to $7.

Still, winning the Buy Box is not always the case. Here’s where Additional settings come into play.

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Sometimes no sellers qualify for the Buy Box on the particular listing, so Amazon shows ‘See All Buying Options’ instead of ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’. It shows all offers for this listing, starting with the lower price.

If the goal isn’t achieved for some reason, M2E Amazon Repricer can automatically switch to another policy to try reaching the goal with more suitable settings.

If no other sellers are competing, there’s no need to lower the price.

Manage policies

Switch to the Policies tab to view the efficiency metrics associated with each policy, including the number of products that, for instance, have achieved the goal, won the Buy Box, or ranked within the Top 3 list, etc. Check which of your policies perform best and which require some adjustments to bring you better results.

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Quickly find a particular policy using Filters in the top right corner of the grid. You can filter policies by specific characteristics, such as policy type and assigned items.

Export & import inventory

Use a CSV file to export your products and their details from M2E Amazon Repricer at one time. This can be a useful feature for your own statistics and exchanging inventory info between M2E Amazon Repricer and another system.

In the Amazon Items grid, click on the export icon and get the CSV file downloaded to your device.

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Also, you can use a CSV file to import your inventory to M2E Amazon Repricer in one click. This way, you will easily add new items to the app and update existing ones.

In the Amazon Items grid, click on the import icon and upload a CSV file from your device.

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Here you can get quick insights into your offers’ achievements, like winning the Buy Box, reaching the top 5 positions on Amazon, or having the lowest price among other sellers.

Filter interactive charts with pricing data by day, week, or month.

Check out your inventory statistics and view the competition data to better understand who wins the Buy Box most often and how.

Item Removal Settings

The app removes the following types of unused products from your repricing strategy:

1) Products that are out of stock for a specified period of time. You can set the needed inactivity period (30, 90, or 180 days) under Settings > General. The app will remove any products that have not undergone repricing within the chosen timeframe. If you sell seasonal items with long periods of inactivity (over 180 days), please contact our support team.

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2) Products that were added to the app more than 7 days ago but their corresponding SKUs do not exist on Seller Central. The app identifies these products during the cleanup process and subsequently removes them from your repricing strategy.

The purpose of this monthly cleanup is to streamline the interface and reduce the amount of unnecessary data in user accounts, ensuring a more efficient and organized repricing experience.

Repricing Amazon Business Items


Can I add several Amazon accounts/marketplaces to M2E Amazon Repricer?

Yes. M2E Amazon Repricer allows adding an unlimited number of Amazon accounts and marketplaces in Settings.

Which marketplaces does M2E Amazon Repricer support?

M2E Amazon Repricer supports the following marketplaces: US, MX, CA, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL, TR, SE, PL, AU, JP, BR, SG, IN, AE, and BE.

How often is the price updated?

M2E Amazon Repricer continuously updates prices according to the settings you specified. Once the competitor's price is changed, the app immediately reprices your offer.

If you have M2E Amazon Repricer integration with M2E Pro, consider the following:

  • It can take up to 1 hour to update the Regular/Max/Min price after changing the corresponding Magento Attributes.
  • M2E Pro Listing gets repricing updates once a day. It means there can be differences between prices displayed in M2E Pro and M2E Amazon Repricer. Find the most actual data in M2E Amazon Repricer.
  • Settings provided in M2E Amazon Repricer override the settings in M2E Pro. If your Regular/Max/Min price is set to be updated via Magento Attribute, but you change it directly in M2E Amazon Repricer, the price will be re-calculated based on the M2E Amazon Repricer value.

Is there something I have to do to get the prices changed?

No additional actions are required from your side. The repricing process is fully automated. the service monitors your competing products and, once detects price adjustment, immediately reprices your offer according to your repricing strategy and Min/Max price limits.

How long does it take to reflect the changes made to the Policy?

After you save the changes, product prices are immediately recalculated.

Is the shipping cost considered while repricing?

M2E Amazon Repricer cannot adjust the shipping cost set for your offers. However, it considers the shipping cost when calculating the competitive price. Your offer will be repriced following the Policy settings after adding the shipping cost.

How long does it take for a newly listed product to appear in M2E Amazon Repricer?

You can refresh inventory and add a newly listed product to Repricer in approximately 2.5 hours.

Why some of my products are not repriced?

Several cases may prevent offers from repricing:

  • Your product is out of stock. The price cannot be updated for such products, so it will remain the same.
  • The total price, including shipping cost, takes your offer out of the top 20 offers for this Amazon product. Amazon provides the data only on the top 20 sellers, so M2E Amazon Repricer can't identify your offer, therefore, cannot reprice it.
  • M2E Amazon Repricer doesn't receive the required product data from Amazon. The issue may occur due to temporary issues on Amazon's side and can be resolved after product data recollection.
  • There are several offers in your Amazon inventory with the same ASIN/ISBN and condition. That’s why M2E Amazon Repricer cannot identify an offer that needs to be repriced.
  • M2E Amazon Repricer doesn't receive the data related to the particular SKU. It may happen when the item is removed from Amazon's inventory or due to temporary technical issues on Amazon.
  • The item is marked with a pricing error on Amazon. To resolve it, Amazon Min and Max prices will be automatically updated with the corresponding values set in M2E Amazon Repricer.

I sell a product as both AFN and MFN item. Can I apply different policies to the item based on its fulfillment type?

Yes. The app allows you to reprice your items as both Amazon- and merchant-fulfilled ones at the same time. You can assign different policies to these items according to their fulfillment type.

Why does the app indicate I have the Buy Box when I actually don’t?

Most probably, Amazon has rotated the Buy Box by the non-price metric. M2E Amazon Repricer tracks price changes, so it can't take the non-price factor into account.

Or, there may be more than one seller holding the Buy Box for a single Amazon product at the same time. In this case, Amazon rotates the placement among multiple sellers during the day.

What happens if my price is outside the top 20?

The app cannot reprice products that are out of the top 20 offers for Amazon products due to technical reasons. Amazon provides the data only on the top 20 sellers, so M2E Amazon Repricer can't identify your offer, therefore, cannot reprice it.

Once your offer is placed among the first 20 offers, repricing will be enabled automatically.

What price will be set if I am the only seller?

The app lets you choose how your product should be priced if you have no competitors. You can try setting the Max price for the product to get the max profit.

Why am I still not a Buy Box Winner, although my price is lower than my Competitor's one?

Most probably, Amazon has rotated the Buy Box using a non-price metric. Also, you can make sure you are eligible for the Buy Box.

What price will be set when 'Stop Repricing' is applied?

Repricing will be paused until the relevant condition is met. The price will remain as it is.

Can I manage the big-sized inventory with over 50K items via M2E Amazon Repricer?

Yes. If your inventory exceeds 50K items, please contact our support team.