BigCommerce setup guide

M2E Multichannel Connect simplifies the integration of your BigCommerce store with major marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, TikTok Shop, and Kaufland. Your BigCommerce store will be used as a primary source of product information (price, quantity, etc.) for products on marketplaces.

Follow the steps below to set up the M2E Multichannel Connect app.

Step 1. Install the app.

Start by installing the M2E Multichannel Connect app from the BigCommerce app store.

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You’ll be redirected to your BigCommerce admin panel. Confirm that you want to Install the app by clicking on the button.

Once the app is installed, you’ll be taken directly to the M2E Multichannel Connect account setup.

Step 2. Connect Channel accounts.

Go to the Dashboard tab and follow the setup guide steps listed there.

Click Connect Marketplace Account to link your eBay, Amazon, Walmart, TikTok Shop, or Kaufland seller profiles.

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You will be redirected to the selected Channel. Make sure that you have logged in to your seller account(s) and grant the app access to your account information.

Step 3. Define order preferences.

Under the Manage Orders section, click on the Order Settings button.

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Enable the “Create Orders in BigCommerce” option to allow the app to create orders in your BigCommerce store whenever a customer places an order on a marketplace. If you keep it disabled, the app won't synchronize stock levels of the ordered items, which may lead to overselling issues.

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Step 4. Link products.

M2E Multichannel Connect will automatically match and link items from your connected marketplaces to your BigCommerce inventory using SKU or Product ID.

If no match is found, you can link the items manually. Simply click the View Not Linked Products button under the Link Products section.

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You will be redirected to the Listings tab, where you can complete product linking. If your products aren’t linked, the app won’t be able to properly synchronize your inventory and orders.

Step 5. Synchronize products.

You need to enable synchronization for previously linked products to ensure your inventory remains up-to-date on Channels. Item sync provides automatic product data updates from your BigCommerce store to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, TikTok Shop, and Kaufland.

To enable synchronization, click the View Not Synced Products button under the Synchronize Inventory section.

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You will be redirected to the Listings tab, where you can turn on inventory synchronization for needed products either individually or in bulk.

Once your products are linked and synched, you have set up everything you need to manage product information and fulfill marketplace orders directly from your BigCommerce store.

Step 6. List products on Channels.

With M2E Multichannel Connect, you can list linked and synched products from your BigCommerce store on eBay, Amazon, or other marketplaces and expand your product range. Click on the corresponding button under the List New Items section and follow the instructions to create new listings.

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That’s it! You are ready to use the M2E Multichannel Connect app to manage your inventory, fulfill orders, and handle operations across multiple sales channels more efficiently.

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