List new items on Walmart

List new items on Walmart

This guide will walk you through the process of creating new listings on Walmart US marketplace via M2E Multichannel Connect.
Watch a video tutorial on how to create new listings on Walmart.

Step 1. Access Walmart items.

Navigate to the Listings tab. Choose your Walmart account and click List New Items in the top right corner of the page.
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Step 2. Choose items’ policies.

Define the policies for your listings, including necessary settings for pricing, quantity, and synchronization with Walmart. You can either select from pre-existing policies or create new ones tailored to your selling strategy.
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Step 3. Select products to list.

Select items to list on Walmart. Use the Quick Search field to find your items by title, price, quantity, or other parameters. Once all the items are selected, click Next.
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Step 4. Set the Walmart category.

Choose a Walmart category that suits your products best. If the app suggests a fitting category, you can confirm it immediately or change it if necessary.
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You can select a previously used category or switch to the Search tab to find it manually by Walmart category name or ID. Once selected, save the changes.
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Step 5. Define attributes.

Once you’ve selected the category, make sure to set required and recommended attributes to make it easier for shoppers to find your items. Then, confirm the changes.
By default, the app will use predefined product attributes from your store. You can select a different attribute or a metafield that contains a relevant value. Another option you have is to enter a custom value for your attribute.
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At any time, you can change the category and add/edit specifics per item in the product card under the General section. To access the product card, click on the item in the grid.
Once the attributes are set, proceed to the next step.

Step 6. Make your listings public

When your listings are complete and you’re ready to go live, click the "List Now" button to submit your items to Walmart for review. Be aware of Walmart's approval process, as listings may be subject to review before going live.
If you prefer not to list items immediately but want to save your progress, click "Save as Draft". Your items will be stored as drafts in your Walmart Listings, and you can publish them with a single click at a later time.
Products in your store with the "Draft" status cannot be listed on Walmart. To proceed with a listing, please update the product's status in your store. Once the status has been updated, you can try listing the product again.