List new items on eBay
List new items on eBay

List new items on eBay

This guide will walk you through the process of creating new listings on eBay via M2E Sales Channels.
Watch a video tutorial on how to list new items on eBay.

Step 1. Access eBay items.

Navigate to Sales Channels > Listings. Choose your eBay account and click List New Items in the top right corner of the grid.
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Step 2. Select a marketplace.

Select an eBay marketplace where you want to create a listing.
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Step 3. Select items’ policies.

Set relevant policies for your items, which are settings necessary for listing and selling items on eBay. You can choose from existing policies or create new ones.
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Selling Policy:
  • Define your preferred listing type, whether it's an auction or a fixed price.
  • Configure pricing and select the source for quantity information.
  • Select a default quantity for products when the quantity tracker is inactive. This default value will specifically be applied to products listed with unlimited or unspecified quantities on Data Source.
Synchronization Policy:
  • Customize how product data is synchronized between your Channel and your data source to ensure that your listings are always up to date.
Description Policy:
  • Choose the eBay Condition Type for your products.
  • Set the source for product titles and descriptions.
  • Optionally, select custom colour themes to enhance the visual appeal of your listings.
eBay Condition Type can only be established during the initial listing creation and cannot be modified once the listing is live.
Shipping and Return Policies:
  • Define settings related to product delivery and customer return processes, which helps simplify the management of these critical aspects and ensure a smooth and reliable shopping experience for your customers.

Step 4. Choose products to list.

Select items to list on eBay. Use the Search field and Filters to find items easily. Change the items’ condition type if necessary. Once all the items are selected, click Next.
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Step 5. Set the eBay category.

To list items on eBay, you have to set a Primary Catalog Category.
The app automatically suggests a fitting category for your items. If there are no suggestions or you want to change the category, click on the pencil icon next to it.
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You can set a previously used category or switch to the Browse and Search tabs to find it manually. Once selected, save the changes.
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You can also define the eBay Secondary Catalog Category and eBay Store Category by clicking Add Additional Category. By providing this information, you will gain increased visibility for your listings.
Adding eBay Secondary Catalog Category is charged an insertion fee by eBay.
eBay Store Category is exclusively accessible to sellers who have subscribed to an eBay Store membership.
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Step 6. Set item specifics.

Click Set specifics next to the category. Provide required specifics, recommended and custom ones (optional). Then, confirm the changes.
You can select either a custom value or an attribute for your item specifics. If you opt for an attribute, the specifics’ values will be taken from Shopify/BigCommerce/WooCommerce/Ecwid custom fields or the attributes provided in Sales Channels Catalog.
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At any time, you can change the category and add/edit specifics per item in the product card under the General section. To access the product card, click on the item in the grid.
Once you set specifics for every category, proceed to the next step.

Step 7. Make your listings public

Once you are ready to publish your listings, click on the "List Now" button in the top right corner. Your items will be sent to eBay and will be available for potential buyers.
If you prefer not to list items immediately but wish to preserve your settings, simply click on "Save as Draft". Your items will be stored as drafts in your eBay Listings, and you can publish them with a single click when you're ready.