List Simple products on Amazon

This guide will walk you through the process of listing Simple products via M2E Multichannel Connect.

Step 1. Access Amazon items.

Navigate to Sales Channels > Listings. Choose Amazon account and click List New Items in the top right corner of the page.

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Step 2. Select marketplace.

Select an Amazon marketplace where you want to create a listing.

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Step 3. Define product settings.

Create or select policies: Shipping, Selling, and Sync to add extra configurations to your Channel items. Once done, click Next.

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Step 4. Choose products to list.

Select items to list on Amazon. Use the Search field and Filters to find items easily. Once all the items are selected, click List.

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In the final step, you'll be offered to choose an existing ASIN or list the product under a new one.

If you consider listing items under a new ASIN, you'll get an auto-suggested Product Type. After you set up the required specifics, hit the List button and let M2E Multichannel Connect process the action.

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That's it! Your products will be listed on Amazon shortly.