Ecwid installation guide

M2E Multichannel Connect makes it easy to integrate your Ecwid store with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart marketplaces. Control and manage your sales data from all Channels within your Ecwid admin panel.

Follow the steps below to set up the M2E Multichannel Connect app in your Ecwid admin.

Step 1. Install the app.

Start by installing the M2E Multichannel Connect app from the Ecwid app store. For that, open the link to the page and click Get.

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You’ll be redirected to your Ecwid admin panel. Confirm that you want to Install the app by clicking on the button.

You’ll be taken directly to the M2E Multichannel Connect account setup once the app is installed.

Step 2. Connect Channel accounts.

M2E Multichannel Connect automatically connects your Ecwid store account and sets it as a Primary Data Source, so you only need to link your eBay, Amazon, or Walmart seller accounts.

Click Next and hit the Connect button next to the Channel account you want to link. You only need to grant M2E Multichannel Connect access to your account information, and that’s it.

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Once done, move forward.

Step 3. Create policies

Now, you need to set default policies, which are settings necessary for listing and selling your items on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

For eBay, you have Shipping, Return, Description, Selling, and Synchronization Policy. For Amazon, you’ve got Sync, Selling, and Shipping Templates, as well as the Selling Policy for Walmart.

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Selling Policy allows you to configure custom prices or change rules for your Channel price and provide QTY settings. Under Synchronization Policy, you can select which data should be synced with Channels.

Shipping Policy lets you specify available shipping methods and types. With Return Policy, you can set conditions for providing returns.

Use Description Policy to configure title/product descriptions through predefined description templates.

Double-check the policies you’ve set, and proceed to the next step once you’re satisfied with the settings.

Step 4. Define order preferences

M2E Multichannel Connect imports orders from each connected Channel account, so you can manage and ship them all from one place.

Also, you can set the app to create an order in your Ecwid store once the customer places an order on eBay, Amazon, or Walmart. For that, enable the “Create Orders in Ecwid” option.

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If you want the app to create orders only for items that will be further managed by M2E Multichannel Connect, make sure to enable the corresponding option.

Step 5. Set up inventory synchronization

M2E Multichannel Connect imports and links your products from Ecwid and Channels by SKU or barcode. Click “Enable Sync for Linked Items” to turn on the synchronization for products that you sell both in your store and on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

This action ensures that your inventory stays updated across platforms.

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If you need time, you can proceed to the app by clicking “I’ll Do It Later”, and turn on the synchronization afterwards.

That’s it! Now, you can use the M2E Multichannel Connect app to handle and list your Ecwid inventory on eBay and Amazon, manage and fulfill orders, and more.