Manage inventory across Store and Channels
Manage inventory across Store and Channels

Manage inventory across Store and Channels

Using M2E Sales Channels, you can manage inventory from your store and Channels automatically, keeping it up-to-date on every platform where you sell.
To set up automatic product data updates, you need to link items from your store and Channel and enable synchronization for them. We’ll guide you through these two steps below.

Link Channel items

First, let's ensure that M2E Sales Channels knows you sell the same product across different platforms. For that, you need to link your eBay, Amazon, or Walmart listings with products from your store.
M2E Sales Channels matches items from your connected Channel and store by SKU or Product ID and links them automatically. If no match is found, you can link the items manually.
Follow a detailed guide on the manual linking of your Channel items.

Enable item synchronization

As soon as the items are linked, you can enable synchronization for an individual item or several items at once.
Follow a detailed guide on enabling synchronization for your Channel items.
With synchronization enabled, M2E Sales Channels reflects updates to your products’ titles, prices, quantity, and other details everywhere you sell in real-time. You won’t need to perform any manual updates.
For correct syncing, make sure to change or replenish the product quantity in your store, not on Channels.
Watch a video tutorial with a breakdown of all the steps needed to start managing your inventory using M2E Sales Channels.
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