Quick start

M2E Multichannel Connect is one of the M2E Сloud apps. Here are the basics to help you set everything up.

About the app

M2E Multichannel Connect is designed for digital retailers and wholesalers. It automatically syncs your store inventory with leading e-commerce platforms — eBay, Amazon & Walmart.

The app allows you to accelerate global sales and increase revenue by creating listings and managing stock & orders across multiple marketplaces from a single, user-friendly interface.

Step 1. Sign up

Start your M2E Multichannel Connect journey by creating an account. Enter your details, confirm your email, and make up the password. Or simply sign up with your Google account.

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Step 2. Go through the onboarding wizard

It’s time to add some products to your M2E Multichannel Connect. The process is fully automated. Simply link the channel you want to import your items from. Start with eBay, Amazon, or Walmart and connect to the store (optional).

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Then, confirm Data Source and Order settings and set the default policies that the app will use to manage your inventory and synchronize product data with Channels.

In the last step of the onboarding wizard, you can enable synchronization for linked items and list them on connected Channels right away.

Step 3. Enable price and QTY synchronization

If you haven’t linked and synced your Channel items during the onboarding process, you can do it at any time under the Listings tab.

The app will match items from your connected Channel and store accounts by SKU and Product ID and link them automatically.

Still, if no match is found for the product, you can link it manually in the Integration grid.

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Now, let’s enable synchronization for M2E Multichannel Connect to update the price and quantity of your products. Toggle the sync for a single product or do it for multiple products in bulk.

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Step 4. Check activity logs

M2E Multichannel Connect activity logs give you a greater insight into how your business operates. In the product card, check events related to the product and troubleshoot the issues if any occur.

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Otherwise, go to the Logs tab to get a full list of the logs for all your products.

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Step 5. See the dashboard summary

The M2E Multichannel Connect dashboard is designed to give a broad overview of your products, orders, and shipments.

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Use interactive charts to track your sales performance, get summaries across integrations, stay informed about critical issues, and make data-driven business decisions.

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