Shopify store + Channel accounts

You can manage and synchronize eBay, Amazon, or Walmart inventory based on your Shopify store data.

The data source will be automatically set to Shopify.

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Here are the steps for you to follow.

1) Manage existing Channel items

The app imports your Channel listings, which you can find under the eBay/Amazon/Walmart Items tabs. To start managing them based on Shopify store data, make sure to:

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2) Process Channel orders

The app imports orders from each connected Channel account and lets you manage them in one place:

  • Ship Channel orders and update tracking details. The app automatically syncs order statuses and tracking numbers between Channels and the store.

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  • Set the app to create an order in your store once the customer places an order on Channel. The setting is optional and can be found under Settings > Orders.

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3) List new products on Channels

The listing process involves several steps:

  • Select a marketplace and products.