Channel accounts only

Channel accounts only

If you sell on eBay, Amazon, or Walmart and don’t have an external website or store, you can use Sales Channels Catalog as a main source of product updates on Channels.
Here are the steps for you to follow.

1) Set up your Catalog

Catalog allows you to organize inventory in one place and gives full control over your products:
  • Add products based on existing Channel items or from scratch. You can also import a CSV file with the list of your inventory.
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Watch an overview of how to sell on Channels without a website using Catalog.

2) Choose how to update product data on Channels

You have three options to sync inventory between Catalog and Channels. No matter which option you choose, the app will keep product details automatically updated:
  • Manage and update inventory directly in Catalog
  • Import a CSV file with your inventory to Catalog. At any time, you can export products in bulk, make changes to product details, and import the file again.
Watch a detailed video tutorial on updating product data in Catalog.

3) Manage Channel items based on Catalog

Navigate to eBay/Amazon/Walmart Items tabs to manage items imported from Channels:
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4) Process Channel orders

The app imports orders from each connected Channel account and lets you manage them in one place:
  • Ship Channel orders and update tracking details. The app automatically syncs order statuses and tracking numbers between Channels and the app.
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5) List new products on Channels

The listing process involves several steps:
  • Select a marketplace and products.
Check out tutorials on how to create new Channel listings: - eBay [user guide / video tutorial] - Amazon [user guide / video tutorial]